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Friday, April 27, 2012

10 ways to seduce your woman

You may not know it, but you already have the natural, in-built ability to seduce a woman. Every man does.
A lot of modern men are currently trying to find out how to seduce a woman because they have found themselves in one of the following situations:
They know a woman and seem to get along with her quite well, but can’t work out how to seduce her into having sex.
They have a female friend and no matter how much they talk to her or hang out together, it never seems to lead to sex.
The good news is that if you’re in one of those situations, you are very close to being able to seduce her into sex. When it comes to the topic of how to seduce a woman, the first thing you need to focus on is making her feel sexual attraction. However, before we do that let’s talk about…
A mistake that guys make when they want to seduce a woman into love is thinking that it is all about the “connection’ they have with her. Based on this thinking, the man then tries to become really good friends with the woman and make her see him as a great guy. A good connection is important, but if she doesn’t feel sexual attraction for you – then you’re only ever going to be seen as a friend in her eyes. All it will take for you to be slammed further into the dreaded “friend zone” is for a guy to come along, make her feel attraction and then escalate it to a kiss or sex with her. He will have successfully seduced her because he did two very important things.
However, there are special “undetectable” techniques that you can use to make a woman feel like YOU are the valuable one and that SHE should be chasing you. No doubt you have seen women behave like that around guys who are just normal, average guys right? It happens all the time, but only SOME guys know how to do it.

Here are ten tips to help you seduce a woman, especially now that Valentine is by the corner.

1 Any girl beyond the age of puberty has an instinctive ability to get horny and desire sex - but most men have not learned how to trigger this instinctive response in the woman they desire. She may be "willing and able"... but he just doesn't know how to make her "ready" whenever he is ready, willing and able to have sex. (Now you can learn how to seduce a woman into a state of "readiness" and lead her to do what she instinctively wants to do.)

2: A guy can "do special things" to a woman that can lead to a highly predictable emotional response - i.e. he can do things to make her laugh, or he can do things to make her cry - or he can do things to make her horny. (With the SSP system, you can learn the things that make a woman horny and then use them to make her horny for you.)

3: Women want to have sex with guys who have Sexual Value. If you want a woman to want you, you have to learn how to raise your Sexual Value to the level that makes you sexually attractive to her.

4: Women are repulsed by the idea of having sex with a guy who has no Sexual Value. Even if she loves him. Even if he spent a bunch of money on the courtship, the diamond ring, the wedding, and the honeymoon. (You won't be able to seduce women until you learn how to increase your Sexual Value.)

5: Any man on this planet has the ability to increase his Sexual Value. Any man! In fact, he can raise his Sexual Value in a very short amount of time because Sexual Value is based 100% on perception. And a woman's perception of him is something he can control by saying and doing certain things.

6: The "Super Sex Power Magnetism" Seduction System for men is the first and only course designed specifically for increasing your Sexual Value using perception-driven seducing techniques and many breakthrough, easy-to-follow tips. (You can learn secret ways to seduce women that most men would never figure out on their own.)

7: There is nothing wrong with making a woman horny. A woman wants to have sex as much as you do, or even MORE - more sex, more often.  Right now you can learn to be the kind of lover who makes it possible for her to enjoy having sex... with you!
8: An easy way to make a woman feel strong attraction for you is to use playfully confident humour.
9: Puts up her guard.
10: Feels like she has more value in the situation.


  1. Nothing like that. However, a lot of guys get focused on talking about themselves because they are trying so hard to sound and seem impressive. Turning the conversation around so that she gets the impression that you want to get to know about her will be a welcome change. Plus, if you can also toss in some clever jokes along the way, that is even better. Or else you should learn about Body Language with access first before do any moves.

  2. You mustn’t chase hard: nothing is more off-putting than desperation. Make yourself attractive by being as gorgeous as you can in your own skin. Seducing a man is about making him want to chase you.

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